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Connection Fialed Error

  • Lamar


    Just installed 1.0.0 alpha and a test Windows 2003 sp1 server and one XP Pro client (Using VMWare 5.5.2).  Trying to share the server's desktop.  That part seems to work from the server.  However, when I try to connect via the XP client I get "Connection failed" error.  Then it goes to "Connection timed out".  Any Ideas?



    • Hi,

      Thanks for using Dimdim.

      We are looking in to this problem. Please let us the below details:

      1) Is this issue only coming with Audio/Video feature.

      2) Are you able to use other features of the conference as expected?


    • FrankPaul

      I'm having the same issue.  Desktop/App sharing works from the server.  But if I initiate a session from another computer and connect other computers to the session it says connection Failed and then after a few seconds Connection timed out

    • hi,

      i need to know two things to debug the issue...

      A) is the server on a VMWare VM or an actual machine

      B) can you run ping <Server Name> from the client machine and let me know the results.??
      like response time,  packets lost etc...

      along with this it would be real nice to have your server and client machine configurations... you can either reply to this post or mail me at



    • Lamar

      A) My (DimDim) server is a VM inside VMWare Workstation 5.5.2.  I have three VM's, one Windows 2003 Domain Controller, One Windows 2003 Server running DimDim 1.0.0 (Alpha) and one Windows XP Pro. client.

      B) Yes, I can ping the dimdim server and can do an nslookup from any system.  No lost packets.

      Also, all of my systems keep getting the "Blue Screen of Death" and rebooting while trying to boot up.  My XP system recycled (rebooted) five times before I could get it to come up.  Then 2-3 mins after I got logged in, the DimDim server Blue Screened with a memory dump.  It counted down for about 30 seconds and then rebooted.

      Being that ALL of my systems do this, I would think the problem is in the "dimdim-setup.test.exe" client or VMWare Workstation 5.5.2.  But who knows?

      XP system just rebooted again.  XP system rebooted again.  Oh well, I'll call it a night.


      • Hi,

        Could you please let us know as to how much RAM has been allocated to these VMs and which JRE Version you are using.

        There are chances where VM might be running out of memory.