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Cannot find zdaemon

  • Hi,

    I have installed all the requirements including zdaemon.

    Unfortunately when I start DimDim I get the error " zdaemon: command not found".
    I checked and seen that any effect the binary does not exist and the zdaemon installation does not create it. I have even installed zope trying to find it, but have been unable to do so. Am I missing something very obvious?

    I am working on a CentOS 5.1.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi,

      After installing zdaemon, try the following

      Open a terminal and follow the below steps:
      Type zdaemon

      You should get similar output
      [root@localhost ~]# zdaemon
      Error: no program specified; use -p or -C
      For help, use /usr/bin/zdaemon -h

      If you are not getting the above output, you need to check the zdaemon installation.

      In the comming release, we removed the dependency on zdaemon and lighttpd. We will keep posted on the updates.


    • C. G. Sellers
      C. G. Sellers

      Make sure zdaemon actually built.   You may have to to do a build and then install in order for it to create the binary and put it in /usr/bin