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Error 500 - Internal Server Error

  • I have followed the instructions to get the dimdim 3.5 beta running on CentOS 5.2.  I reached step #5.  and when I open the site with http://my_curr_ip/DimDimAdminConsole.html, I get the Error 500.  I checked the lighttpd.log file and get the following:

    2008-07-17 15:51:39: (log.c.75) server started
    2008-07-17 15:51:54: (mod_scgi.c.2222) establishing connection failed: Connection refused
    2008-07-17 15:51:54: (mod_scgi.c.2356) fcgi-server disabled: 4000 
    2008-07-17 15:51:54: (mod_scgi.c.2825) no fcgi-handler found for: /
    2008-07-17 15:52:09: (mod_scgi.c.2825) no fcgi-handler found for: /DimDimAdminConsole.html
    2008-07-17 15:52:55: (mod_scgi.c.2050) fcgi-server re-enabled: 4000 

    Please help -- I have searched the, but cant find any solution.

    Thanks in Advance