IIS and Dimdim

  • Scott Mummert
    Scott Mummert

    Does any one know, step by step, how to install dimdim along side IIS sharing port 80?  I know you probably need the isapi_redirect.dll registered but a step by step would be helpful!

    • prakash.khot


      Could you please elaborate a little bit as to what exactly are you trying to achieve? Here is what I am guessing

      1) Do you want IIS to be the front server for the dimdim conference server?

      2) Do you want IIS to rewrite all the URLs automatically to send them to dimdim server?

      3) Do you want IIS to act as a tunnel for all the dimdim server requests?

      Once I understand the specifics; I would be in a better position to help/clarify.


      • Scott Mummert
        Scott Mummert


        We have IIS installation with web sites on it on port 80. we have one public ip address and what dimdim and IIS to share port 80 for firewall handling etc.

        So yes I beleive you are correct in your 3 items.

        I have installed dimdim within an IIS site, made it an application and have attempted placing the isapi_redirect.dll as a filter but for some reason cannot save the additional filter/handler.

        Have you folks done this?

        • Any further help here?