Cobrowsing problem on Centos 5.2

  • Hi team, Im trying to install dimdim 4.5 rpm on Centos 64bits.
    I could make all work fine exept cobrowsing (I can not add a web pagr to the web page lists)
    cherrypy_error.log is not showing any error (it logs all ok, comparing with vmware dimdim virtual machine), synchrolive.log is always empty, and cherrypy_access.log logs the GET lines with this difference: it does not construct fine the URL, by example it logs:

    GET /cobrowsing/createURLResource/coborwsing/createURLResource?...

    Notice that /cobrowsing/createURLResource is duplicated. I cant fix this, anyone knows why can this happening?

    The special issue in my installation is that I have 2 IPs in this server, so I had to configure all service different from cause I have another web server on port 80 in this box.

    All services are working fine, exept cobrowsing
    thanks and regards

    • Patrick Grant
      Patrick Grant

      I might be way off on this because I am just starting to work on installing dimdim on my own site, and I haven't looked at this specific component, but this behaves like the same problem I had when I was installing a media Wiki.  The script had the root directory variable wrong and it was duplicate to the target directory. 

      Best of Luck,