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Changing the default port

  • I have a Tomcat/Dim Dim newbie question...

    I hosting an email server on my home network and have port 80 directing to my exchnage servers owa so I can access my email via the web. I want to setup dim dim so that tomcat will run on another port. I am very good with windows and IIS but not so much with tomcat.

    I am running Windows 2003 server with a default install of dim dim using tomcat to serve. How can I chnage this web server app to use a different port, like 8080 or something? Thanks.

    • I saw somewhere in the documentation that when you specify the URL that clients see, during the installation, that you could specify a different port there.  Unfortunately, I tried it on the Open Source version and it does NOT appear to work.  All the components continue to try to setup for port 80.

      • deepjavero

        Well you can change the default port for TOMCAT in the conf folder and open the server.xml search a word like this "https coyote default port 8080"

        Change the port for example:

        Connector port ="8090"

        Afther that change the port in the dimdim.propeties file  to the same port that you change in server.xml of tomcat server:


        Restart all services and try agin with http://yourip:pto/dimdim/