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Windows Installer 3.5 (Eagle)

  • There exist some windows installer for version 3.5 (Eagle). If not, where can I find documentation for installing in windows?

    Thank you,

    • Hi,

      Could you please try the Dimdim VMWare image. You can download the vmware player for windows and run this image on a windows box.


    • Rajesh thanks for your response.

      I tried VMware image, but I would be interested to try installing directly into a server. Is scheduled release an installer like version 3.0?

      Thanks again,

    • Hello, is a 3.5 windows installer comming ?
      I downloaded the VMware image and loaded it in the player and so on, but this doesn't make sens for me.
      Should i every time the PC restarts again and again start Vmware and load another OS just for DimDim ?
      Please is it possible to have a windows installer ?

    • I am also waiting for the 3.5 installer.  No interest in the VMWare image.

    • still no installer?

    • What a shame, every time i come across on using dimdim, it's either 5 users limit or unable to install it and now no install at all heh.
      Btw the so called load the OS and the soft using the image didn't work for me at all.
      And why on earth must anyone be a Linux pro to use this software.
      I know that Linux is The Open Source but can't you guys show pitty on us dumb windows users who know only a bunch of DOS commands ?
      Anyway this approach is preventing me from delivering FREE education using web conferencing.

    • Dimitree

      Please windows installer :)

    • From what I've gathered from digging thru the forums, and from trying it myself, only a masochist will enjoy attempting a Dimdim 3.5 install on a Windows server.

      You need some familiarity with Unix/Linux in order to handle the Centos 5 OS that it's running on under VMware.  It also appears that Dimdim was not intended to co-exist on a server with a web server running (at least not IIS under windows).  Trying to change the port assignments suggested can be confusing and frustrating.

      I noticed a thread asking about configuring Dimdim to co-exist with IIS, and after the person confirmed the response from a Dimdim member of exactly what he wanted to do, there were no more responses.

      It would be better for everyone if the Dimdim group just said this was a Unix-based OS product for now, until they figure out how to deploy it on Windows.  I've been a Windows (and some Unix) developer for over 25 years, and I'm amazed that this is the "best" solution for Windows users.  I have no problem with Linux -- I have a couple systems here, and I would be equally annoyed at a "multi-platform solution" that required me to run Windows in a virtual machine on my Linux boxes.

    • chip

      Does anyone know how to change the ports on a windows install?  I have looked at 3.0 and 3.5 and I can't seem to find where the instructions are talking about.  Thanks for any help.