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Is dimdim really going to be open ?

  • I read in the properties file

    Maximum number of concurrent conferences this server can support.
    ##      NOTE : In this Open Source Edition only 1 Meeting at a time is allowed. If
    you need a Dimdim Meeting Server with higher capabilities then please
    ##      contact sales@dimdim.com.

    If this is true.  The year I spend following dimdim is a waste.

    • follow openmeetings, it in googlecode and really, but really open

      • I have bean cracked code and removed it's restrictions
        Send me email to help you.

        • a description would highly be appreciated by jos_800 (at) h0tmail dot com. thanks (i am setting it up on a vm image/centos 4.5)

          • why not just post it here

        • I also like to know how to change the code and removed the restrictions
          max meeting = 1("Exceeded server limit of meetings.") my email howdy38 at gmail dot com

    • make that jos_8000 :-)

    • please help me. My email chieudv at gmail.com
      Thanks alot.

    • could you send this trick as well? My address is xaqtvi (at) gmail.com

    • I also would the trick, please sent this to dfriedman@supportwho.com

    • czeus2 czeus2
      czeus2 czeus2

      I'm also interest in
      Can you help me to change the code and removed the restrictions plz


    • send it to me too at pandari514 (at) yahoo.com

    • does anybody have this trick, I requested the answer a few weeks already.  Please post it hear...

    • please send me the the code change also please

      azlo (at) audiopivot.com

    • This project needs to be forked. Starting with the original GPL'd code, there needs to be a truly functional, open-source project. I guess there others ePresence, openmeetings, etc

    • Hi All,

      We have released the next version that do not have the above limitations. Kindly try the new release "Eagle" and let us know the feedback.


    • C. G. Sellers
      C. G. Sellers

      I am liking the new version thus far.   I do look forward to 4.0 too.  This is a high class product and would entertain purchasing the enterprise version too if it fully matches needs. We do need multiple people to share docs, mac desktop sharing would be nice, and having rooms is what we liked to have too.  We have used Marratech in the past.