dimdim VM http password

  • Charles Almond
    Charles Almond

    I've been using the virtual appliance of dimdim 4.5, and am very happy with it, but before I put it out for others to use, I want to have a basic http username/password prompt to prevent anyone on the net from using my install.  I've tried modifying the lighttpd.conf file under /usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/lighttpd.conf to add authentication, but apparently that wasn't what I needed to do.  I can't find any documentation on password protecting access through nginx.  Any advice here would be greatly appreciated, since I can't really put this into production without protecting it.


    • v4.5 does not use lighttpd as the web server. It uses nginx. The config file for nginx is located in /usr/local/dimdim/nginx/conf/nginx.conf. Hope this helps.