Installation on a Web Server

  • I'd like to install dimdim on my web server. All I've found is how to run it off my local machine. So, is it possible to load on to a web server? If so is there a tutorial? What are the appropriate downloads I need? Thanks for any help advice or insight.

    - Jonathan

    • Wow. I thought this was an easy question. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It appears many people here have not received replies. Let me try again.

      "Can Dimdim be installed on a LAMP Web Server?"

      Here I'll make it easy for you. Copy one of the answers provided for you below and paste it into your reply:

      "Yes. It's easy. Here is a link to the instructions you need..."
      "Yes. But it is extremely difficult. You'll need to hire a pro."
      "Yes. But Nexus India Capital, Index Ventures and Draper Richards do not want you to do that. We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you, or else they'll kill us."
      "No. It was not designed for that. Sorry. Find a different product. Consider using..."
      "No. Dimdim is not really an Open Source product, nor is well supported in these forums. Sorry for getting your hopes up and waisting your time. Consider using..."
      "Maybe. But we won't tell you, you sarcastic numbskull. Now go away!"

    • Hi,

      We haven't tried deploying Dimdim in a LAMP Server.

      The current 3.5 release has the following components:

      1. Dimdim conference server - Apache tomcat
      2. Dimdim Media server - python based which uses cherryPy
      3. Dimdim Reflector - C and nginx
      4. Streaming Server - Red5 Streaming Server
      5. Dimdim Management scripts in nginx
      6. Dimdim start / stop scripts using perl
      7. Dimdim proxy done with nginx

      Could you please try and let us know if you could deploy the components in a LAMP Server. We will help you if you are facing with any issues.


    • David McNab
      David McNab

      Same question re LAMP install.

      Rajesh, I sent you an email on this and you have referred me to Sales (thank you) - I will update here what transpires...

      If the communicty version does not install easily and work in standard LAMP hosting solution environment (Bluehost, GoDaddy etc.) then distribution take-up will be pretty limited, which should be a major problem from marketing perspective.

      Noted issues I have enqiured about so far:

      1. Not clear if it runs under this most common of configurations.

      2. Not clear which dim/dim version / packages are required.

      3. Not clear if there are additional software dependencies or how to obtain.

      4. Linux image zip file is too large – as with many commercial servers upload is restricted to 50mb per upload. 1.5 Gb is way too big for GPL package.

      5. No install instructions or manuals apparently available on either site or in v3.5 package.

    • webmaster

      Did anyone help you yet? I like Dimdim but I see a lot of queries that are troubling.

      Let me know.