How can I know currently hosted meetings

  • Qiang Zhong
    Qiang Zhong

    Is there anyway to check how many meetings are being hosted on the server? Is it possible to stop a certain meeting from server side? Thanks.

    • I'm looking for the exact same seems like it'd be really useful to know what meetings currently exist, how many users are in them, etc.

    • bryan rohling
      bryan rohling

      Can anyone answer this question? 

      • We're working on a very simplistic method whereby we parse the nginx access.log file hourly to build a dynamic web page based on successfully started / ended meetings.  I haven't been able to find any database or anything that Dimdim stores this information in so I think this is the only option.

    • Petaris

      Look in this thread:
      There is an admin interface that will tell you.  It would be nice if it was documented some where.  :/