Participant Limits??

  • Anyway to change the participant limits to a higher value?
    I've tried changing the file, but that doesnt seem to take effect.
    After I get 6 total users in the conference, when trying to get the 7th attendee in I get a message stating
    "*Exceeded Server Lilits of Participants per meeting".

    Please Help!!!!
    Thanks in Advance!!

    • med01e

      I am confused. I thought that this was released under GPL and supposed to be the same code as  the enterprise release. Is this really a try and buy scenario?

    • I used dimdim since 2006 but for this restrictions i'm going to change to openmeetings:

      Openmeetings is realy *open source*, without restrictions or bugs.

      Openmeetings no crash like dimdim and it don't require plugins to Firefox or Explorer.

      I don't use dimdim never more!!

      Good bye dimdim!

      I see you in the openmeetings!