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I will pay to have Dimdim installed!

  • Rob Frierson
    Rob Frierson

    I have had horrible issues trying to get the new Beta version of Dimdim working, and will gladly pay anyone for their time to make the darn thing work!

    Please email rob@schooldesk.net or call me at 678-232-1188.



    • Carlos Vazquez
      Carlos Vazquez

      I've been able to install it successfully but I can't seem to connect from different machines.  I can take a look at your install if you'd like

    • Rob Frierson
      Rob Frierson

      Thank you SOOO much!  This thing has been making me crazy!

      You can take a look at the current issue at

      All I ever get is this:

      404 Not Found
      The path '/' was not found.

      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenOffice.org 2.3\program\python-core-2.3.4\lib\site-packages\cherrypy\_cprequest.py", line 551, in respond
          cherrypy.response.body = self.handler()
        File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenOffice.org 2.3\program\python-core-2.3.4\lib\site-packages\cherrypy\_cperror.py", line 198, in __call__
          raise self
      NotFound: (404, "The path '/' was not found.")
      Powered by CherryPy 3.0.1

      What in the world is that about?!  Even Uday, one of the Dimdim Masters has looked at it with no luck at all.  I'm willing to blast the entire server and start all over, but I wonder if that might be a bit drastic.

      If you need access to the server, email me directly at rob@schooldesk, and I'll be happy to give you login credentials.

      Thanks again!


    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for your interest towards dimdim. Could you please drop me a mail @ rajesh@dimdim.com with the access credentials to your server so that I can debug?