Dimdim open office dependency

  • Hi all,

    I am going to install dimdim on a linux server (Ubuntu 8.04.1 Server). I want to try the Dimdim 3.5 Beta Release  linux native deployment image. The virtual machine solution is not an option for me.  Looking at the readme file I was surprised to see that OpenOffice.org is listed as a prerequisite. Is OpenOffice.org mandatory for dimdim server? Is it possible to install DimDim without openoffice at server side?

    I don't find requiring openoffice - a gui end-user app - at server side a sane idea. A server most usually do not even have a graphics server installed. Installing OpenOffice on my server will bring as dependency half the linux graphics subsystem universe (X.org and graphics libraries and utilities). I do not like this, as it will make my server more bloated and maybe more vulnerable. So, I am wondering what OpenOffice.org is needed at server side for dimdim?

    And a request: If there is some document conversion and presentation functions from OpenOffice.org that are needed by dimdim (this is the only possible explanation I can think of), please consider borrowing only the code/libraries necessary for these operations from openoffice and either package the with dimdim, or depend only on them for the future versions.