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Firefox upgrade breaks dimdim

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    I just upgraded to firefox version 3.0.3 and a message complains that the dimdim plugin is not compatible with this version of firefox.  Apart fromdowngrading Firefox- anyone got any ideas? 
    We always found that Firefox worked much better than Microsoft I.E.


    • I have the same problem...
      Some answer?

    • gareth

      Search google for forcing xpi install, but in brief this is what solved it for me.

          pull over /usr/local/dimdim/ConferenceServer/apache-tomcat-5.5.17/webapps/dimdim/jsp/activex/3800dimdim.xpi to pc
          rename to .zip. Extract.
          Edit rdf file in root, to replace max version with 4.*
          rezip, rename, copy back.

      It's pretty terrible - the open source version of Dimdim that is currently available is hard-coded to be incompatible with versions of firefox higher than 2.  Tsk.