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Digiqual V0.6

Hi all i'm happy to release the new version of digiqual.
very important change are the new gui and the support of mysql server.
Feedback are appreciates.

Posted by Ghido 2007-10-02

Digiqual 0.5

After a lot of time i'm happy to release a new version of Digiqual.
Every feedback are very important for me and for the development of digiqual.

Posted by Ghido 2007-08-20

Digiqual V 0.4

After a loto of time i'm happy to release the new version of Digiqual.
There are a lot of improvements:
- wxpython2.8
- multi database
- new module
- MVC style

I hope to have a lot of feedback for obtain a very good software.

Posted by Ghido 2007-02-12

Digiqual V-0.3 Release

Hi all, after a lot of time i release a new digiqual version with few new module for obtain a very good software

Posted by Ghido 2005-08-10

Digiqual v 0.2 release

Digiqual v 0.2 is release.
see the CHANGES file for look the new feature.

Posted by Ghido 2004-07-23

Digiqual v 0.1.1 Releases

Digiqual v 0.1.1 is a minor bugfixes release, it strong raccomanded to upgrade digiqual for solve the digiqual bug

Posted by Ghido 2004-06-21

Digiqual 0.1 Release

I'm happy to relase the first digiqual release, for every problem or bug use digiqual-users mailing list

Posted by Ghido 2004-05-31

Open Project

Today is open the project, this night i'm upload the cvs repository!!!


Posted by Ghido 2004-01-28