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Update to CVS

CVS now includes major bugfixes and restructuring of codebase.

Now approaching a useful state for basic xml documents.

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2006-08-04

Bug Fixed

The classpath for the shell scripts should now be correct.

Also the binary distribution has a fix to the jar file.

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2005-04-13

Bug in Current Release

Unfortunately the latest file releases use scripts pointing to an incorrect classpath. Users can either hack the diffxml.sh and patchxml.sh scripts, or wait until I am able to release a patched version.

I am currently away from my development machine, so it will be early april by the time I can fix the problem.

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2005-03-24

Developers use CVS

Anyone wishing to look at or modify the source code should use the latest CVS version. This version contains many refactorings and is *much* easier to understand. I have also added some javadoc.

Development has been slow recently due to my spending a year backpacking, but there should be another release in the coming weeks.

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2005-02-25

New Release

The new release is a major step forward in terms of the projects structure.

Apache Ant has been used to create an automated build and test system.

Much of the code has been tidied up, but still requires more refactoring and major debugging.

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2004-01-18

Web Statistics Blunder....

In a great display of ineptitude, I managed to link the sourceforge logo to the wrong web-page.

Hence for a few weeks now the hits for diffxml have been counted in the hits for the "PHP Net Toolpack" project:


Can anyone spot when the hits were misdirected? ;)

So apologies to the php project for skewing the rankings and anyone who thought my project was really unpopular...... read more

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2003-07-02

Website Updated

The website at http://diffxml.sourceforge.net has been updated.
It now looks much better and is vastly easier to navigate.

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2003-05-19

Update Delayed

Sorry for the delay to the promised update.
I've been snowed under with my studies. Expect and update sometime around 20th March.

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2003-03-11

Update soon

Expect a minor update soon.
Sorry I've neglected the project for so long.
I have a few changes that need to be made, but no earth-shattering improvements.
Expect immediate work to focus on bug-fixes and the like.


P.S. I'm going to post a help wanted note soon, once a figure out more precise areas. Suggestions welcomed.

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2003-01-30

Initial Announcement

Expect a first release within a week, I just need to tidy up some code.

Posted by Adrian Mouat 2002-05-29