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NecroDice / News: Recent posts

NecroDice v3.0 BETA 3 Released

This new version is just intended to pay tribute to the two geniuses, if I may say so, that were Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. After the sad passing of the latter, I've thought it necessary to include his name next to that of Gygax in our little program. May God rest their souls in peace!

Posted by Octavian Bobocea 2009-04-12

NecroDice v3.0 BETA 2 Released

This new (and long overdue) release fixes a bug reported by Bo Vandenberg that prevented the Roll Ability Scores module from working properly.

Please report any other bugs.

Thank you and enjoy!

Posted by Octavian Bobocea 2008-03-12

NecroDice v3.0 BETA 1 Released

I've managed to fix a bug that would cause the program to crash when rolling Custom Dice with invalid characters in the text-boxes.

Please post any other bugs to the project's forums.


Posted by Octavian Bobocea 2006-06-18

NecroDice v3.0 BETA Released

I finally got to finishing v3.0 so here it is. It's a BETA because I have't had time to really test it so there might still be some bugs in there.

Please post all bugs / errors / etc. to the forums.


Posted by Octavian Bobocea 2006-05-14

NecroDice v3.0 Under Development

Version 3.0 of NecroDice is fast approaching it's final development stage. It will include some new features as well as a complete rewrite of the old ones. Keep close...

Edit: It's about 85% done. Probably will be finished around the 20th of May 2006.

Posted by Octavian Bobocea 2006-01-06

NecroDice 2.3 Released

Dice Roller has changed its name to a much more "colourful" one, one that reflects our group's name. NecroDice features a completely new inteface designed by FireDK, who also wrote most of the code. Ability scores will no longer be a pain to roll. NecroDice does it all at the click of a button. And it also features a pretty customizable interface.

Posted by Vlad Dogaru 2005-02-17

Dice Roller 1.0 Released

What started out as a personal project has now been publicly released for the first time. I am very reluctant to work any further, since the program seems complete. If you find that it does not suit your gaming needs, let me in on your ideas. I'll gladly improve the project.

Posted by Vlad Dogaru 2004-05-27