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version 0.8.7 released

ActionScript3 code generator by dimalev, Ada code generation fix, and several C++ code generation improvements by bansan.
For further details see ChangeLog.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2014-07-07

version 0.8.6 released

Crash fixes plus improvements provided by bansan, see Tickets/Discussion and ChangeLog.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2014-06-05

version 0.8.5 released

Support for properties in C# code (Ubuntu bug 173628)
plus a few bug and portability fixes.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2012-07-07

version 0.8.4 released

Improved SQL code generation for foreign keys and fix for
For further info see the ChangeLog file.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2011-10-22

version 0.8.3 released

This version adds a Ruby code generator by Dmitry V. Sabanin.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2007-01-05

version 0.8.2 released

This version adds a PHP5 code generator and fixes a few bugs. For further info, see the ChangeLog and cvs log.

Posted by Oliver Kellogg 2006-11-17


We have a CVS repository! Now you can have all the fixes without need to wait for a new release.

Posted by Javier O'Hara 2002-04-16


Thanks to Jose Antonio Caminero Granja, we have a new GUI based on GTK+. Check out the screenshot and link at the GUI page: http://dia2code.sourceforge.net/gui.html

Posted by Javier O'Hara 2002-03-20

New packages

There are new packages (win32 and rpm) in the download section.

Posted by Javier O'Hara 2002-01-03

Bugfix release 0.8.1

The new release fixes the bug with grouped objects and the bug with integer parsing in 64bit systems. Check the Changelog for more info.

Posted by Javier O'Hara 2002-01-01

New release 0.8

Version 0.8 is out. New in this release are some bugfixes and new features like a couple of new code generators.

Posted by Javier O'Hara 2001-12-28

Updates in the home page

The home page for Dia2Code has been updated. Check it out with the "Project Home Page" link.

Posted by Javier O'Hara 2001-10-09

Version 0.7 updates

Just uploaded RPMs for v.0.7, enjoy!

Posted by Javier O'Hara 2001-10-07

Version 0.6.1

Minor bugfixes in the parser.

Posted by Javier O'Hara 2001-09-15

0.6 updates

Updated the Files, Patches, Feature Request and Developers sections.

Posted by Javier O'Hara 2001-09-08