D-Fend Reloaded 1.0.0 has been released

D-Fend Reloaded 1.0.0 is a major release with a lot of new features. The changelog:

  • DOSBox 0.74 is supported and bundled with D-Fend Reloaded.
  • Updated default values to offer all values available in DOSBox 0.74.
  • The new game installation support will assist you when adding a game that
    needs to be installed before being able to be used.
  • New function for making FreeDOS bootable images and profiles from normal
  • Functions for changing saved games (cheating) using an internal, editable
    data base or by searching for values in saved game files.
  • Updated DOSZip from 1.49 to 1.54.
  • It can be configurated from the setup dialog now when to update the packages
    list, the data reader configuration etc.
  • Via the Help|Search for updates function now you can also search for package
    list, data reader and cheats database updates.
  • The zip file import function also can import DBGL packages now.
  • New easier to use first run wizard.
  • If DOSBox start fails D-Fend Reloaded will show some information and will
    offer some options to find and solve the problem.
  • Now folders can be imported like archive files via the import menu and via
  • DOSBox language file editor.
  • New setup option when to configurate a new game completely automatically.
  • Like the genre and language names the license in game profiles can now be
    translated on the fly so profiles created via auto setup templates etc. will
    always be shown with translated names for the license.
  • Now multiple commands can be specified to be executed before/after DOSBox.
  • The DOSBox console window can be turned on and off on per profile now.
  • In the profile editor you can selected which physical output device to use
    when playing MIDI music inside DOSBox.
  • In the game information data reader dialog you can specify to look for DOS
    based games only or to look for all games.
  • The game information data reader dialog now also can change the profile name.
  • Now the game information data reader will remember which fields have been
    activated and which have be unchecked.
  • The paths to the text editor and the media viewers are stored relatively to
    the base folder if the programs are located in subfolders of the base folder.
  • You can create capture folders and game data folders for all profiles at the
    same time via the service page of the setup dialog.
  • You can disable the Windows exe file warnings for single profiles now.
  • Additionally to "and", "or", "not" language specific values for this logical
    operator can be used in the filter field.
  • The fields for DOSBox window resolution and fullscreen resolution can have
    individual default values lists now.
  • When creating a harddisk image file from some folder content now you can
    specify how much free space you want to have on the image.
  • Some additionally information texts in the profile editor for making it
    easier to understand the meanings of the DOSBox options.
  • Smarter way of finding the default GUI theme for ScummVM.
  • Some more auto setup templates.
  • [Fix] The "use scan codes" option was not passed the right way to DOSBox.
  • [Fix] Downloading multiple games packages via the package manager always
  • [Fix] "Not" operator in games list filter not working correctly.
  • [Fix] Mounting folders as CD drives did not work on systems without a real
    CD drive.
  • [Fix] Some smaller fixes to the multiple profile editor.
  • [Fix] Hiding the ScummVM console did not work when starting ScummVM in
    fullscreen mode.
  • [Fix] Error message when pressing F1 while menu is opened.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2010-07-02