D-Fend Reloaded 0.9.0 has been released

This is a major release which brings a lot of new features and also fixes all currently know bugs. The changelog:

  • Example games packages, language files, icon sets etc. can be downloaded from
    the D-Fend Reloaded homepage via the import menu now.
  • Via the new "Tools" button in the profiles editor you can reset any page of a
    profile to any template.
  • Ability to add games for other emulators as Windows profiles (calling the
    emulator program file with the game data file as parameter).
  • From the game information page of the profile editor and the profile wizard
    game information (including a cover image) can be loaded from mobygames.com
    directly now.
  • Faster loading of the profile and the auto setup template files.
  • Now you can optionally enter multiple values per game info field (like genre,
    language etc.).
  • Normal drive mounts can be converted into archiv file mounts and vice versa
    right from the mounting dialog. The commands to run the game will also be
    changed automatically if needed.
  • You can drag links from your browser to the D-Fend Reloaded program window
    now. D-Fend Reloaded will download and importthe zip file behind the link.
  • All captured screenshots, sounds and videos can be renamed from the context
    menu to have an uniform name scheme.
  • D-Fend Reloaded will warn the user when importing an archive file with a name
    of an existing profile and will prevent overwriting existing games directory
    subdirectories when importing plain archive files.
  • When adding new profiles via the profile editor needed mounting records can
    be added automatically now. (This was already done when adding profiles via
    the wizard.)
  • In the multiple profiles editor sections can be collapsed and expanded (like
    in a tree structure) to make it more clear.
  • Now image files can be used as game icons, too.
  • The algorithm used for scaling images (like screenshots) can be selected from
    the program options dialog now.
  • D-Fend Reloaded can optionally create conf files for all profiles in the
    games list automatically.
  • The floppy and harddisk image creator now can make harddisk images and floppy
    disk images of all sizes bootable.
  • The make disk image from folder content function now is able to create
    harddisk images, too.
  • When creating disk images optionally disk management utilities and a text
    editor can be added to the image.
  • When creating bootable disk images optionally a memory manager can be added
    to the image. Also not only the selected keyboard layout is used on the image
    but also the codepage.
  • Some improvements to the language editor.
  • Added *.ima to the file selection dialog when selecting an image file
    for mounting or for extracting.
  • About 300 new auto setup templates for automatic identification of even more
  • Updated DOSZip from 1.31 to 1.37.
  • Two more sites have been added to the list of game information sites
    (TheLegacy.de and KultPower.de).
  • The time needed on first program start for initializing the user data has
    been improved.
  • The profile editor and the program options dialog will open a bit faster.
  • Some smaller improvements to the new profile wizard.
  • [Fix] Extra directories and extra files records (see directories page of the
    profile editor) got damaged when using the "Convert absolute to relative
    paths" function in the program options dialog.
  • [Fix] When importing a plain archive file with multiple executable files
    in it and with a matching auto setup template sometimes the wrong executable
    file was selected.
  • [Fix] The main window hotkeys were enabled while template editor was open.
  • [Fix] Access violation then trying to add a game with a space in the filename
    via the profile wizard.
  • [Fix] Starting games with folders mounted as CD drives failed on systems with
    no physical CD drive.
  • [Fix] The "Run game with current configuration" from the profile editor
    dialog did not work with ScummVM and Windows game profiles.
  • [Fix] When setting the SoundBlaser or the Gravis UltraSound base address to
    a hexadecimal address containing letters the selected address was not stored.
  • [Fix] Erroneous window behaviour when using "Run game with current
    configuration" from the profile editor dialog or when creating bootdisk
    images when "Minimize when DOSBox start" was active.
  • [Fix] keybrd2.sys and keybrd3.sys needed for some languages missing on
  • [Fix] The select all button in the transfer programs dialog did not work.
  • [Fix] The game list hotkeys (like return, insert etc.) were not disabled when
    entering the notes field.
  • [Fix] Wrong error message "No game file selected" when adding a profile for
    booting an image file.
  • [Fix] Access violation if you press and hold down the F9 key.
  • [Fix] Changed the default value for virtual free space on mounted drives from
    the DOSBox 0.72 default 105 MB to the DOSBox 0.73 default 250 MB.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2009-12-02