D-Fend Reloaded 0.8.1 has been released

This is a bugfix release with no new features.
The changelog:

  • [Fix] If you press the delete key in the quick search box the program asks
    you if you want to delete the currently selected profile.
  • [Fix] Pressing F3 while the wizard dialog is visible causes an access
    violation when closing the dialog.
  • [Fix] The update installer did not update all DOSBox language files.
  • [Fix] The scan games folder function was not automatically adjusting the
    mounting settings from the auto setup templates if not VirtualHD was used
    as games folder.
  • [Fix] Program window position is lost after restoring the program window if
    using the minimize/restore on DOSBox start option in fullscreen mode without
  • [Fix] In portable mode the automatic profile update after program upgrade to
    make all profiles DOSBox 0.73 compatible did not work.
  • [Fix] The restore default values for this category button on the default
    values page of the profile editor only worked for the first category.
  • [Fix] Sometimes the screenshot viewer displayed a wrong resolution in the
    status bar after resizing the viewer window.
  • [Fix] Wrong value "50000" instead of "49716" in the default values list for
    sample rate settings.
  • [Fix] Added missing value "4axis_2" to joystick types default values list.
  • [Fix] Added missing values to default values lists for SoundBlaster and GUS,
    DMA and IRQ settings.
  • [Fix] Added missing value "none" to SoundBlaster OPL mode default values
  • [Fix] Removed "0" from default values list for the memory size.
  • [Fix] The "How to add profiles" info panel at the bottom of the program
    window was not automatically removed after adding the first profile.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2009-08-10