D-Fend Reloaded 0.6.0 has been released

This is a major release which brings a lot of new features and also fixes all currently know bugs. The changelog:

  • Polish language file (thanks to Adam Sosnowski)
  • Explorer-like quick starter interface for easy browsing through the games
    folder and directly starting DOS program files and making profiles of an
    existing DOS program file.
  • You can specify zip files as ScummVM games now. D-Fend Reloaded will
    automatically extract the zip file, run ScummVM and repack the game folder
    content to the zip file when ScummVM has closed.
  • The profile editor and the profile wizard now also support setting a saved
    games path for ScummVM profiles.
  • The profile editor now supports all game specific settings known in ScummVM.
  • Now the games list can also be filtered by emulation type (DOSBox, ScummVM
    and Windows).
  • German online help.
  • New language file "French Canada" (same as "French" but will select qwerty
    keyboard layout instead of azerty and codepage 437 instead of 850 in DOSBox).
  • Now you can also create profiles for Windows games via the profile wizard.
  • In the template dialog now you can also edit the ScummVM default template.
  • In the profile wizard you do not need to go to the last page before the
    "Ok" button will be activated.
  • The profile wizard will now automatically suggest a name for the new profile
    from the selected template or the program file name. (To allow this
    D-Fend Reloaded will not ask for the profile name on the first page of the
    profile wizard but on the game information page.)
  • New program icon (thanks to T.B. from vogons.zetafleet.com)
  • The game data folder viewer on the bottom of the main window will now
    automatically update its file list if the folder on harddisk changes.
    Additionally files and folders can be renamed and deleted and new folders can
    be created via context menu of the data folder viewer now.
  • Now you can configurate in the setup dialog which files should be moved to
    the recycle bin and which should be deleted irrevocable when deleting files
    from within D-Fend Reloaded.
  • New optional column "notes" in list view mode "report".
  • New setup option for configuration the appearance of the games list: Show
    grid lines in view mode "report".
  • Option to open the capture folder in the Explorer right from the context menu
    of the capture viewer area.
  • The player for captured sounds can also play ogg files (if there is a codec
    installed on the system for ogg files) now.
  • The user data section on the game information page of the profile editor will
    suggest names for keys and values from the existing profiles when adding
    lines or changing values.
  • In the setup dialog now you can choose which text editor D-Fend Reloaded
    should use when opening text files. Additionally you can setup to
    automatically fix the line wraping of text files if needed when opening them.
  • In the setup dialog now you can choose which viewers/players for images,
    sounds and videos should be used when doubleclicking a file in the captured
    data viewer on the bottom of the main window.
  • When creating ScummVM ini files all settings from the default ScummVM
    configuration file are also added.
  • When dragging files to the D-Fend Reloaded program window to copy them to
    the data folder of the active profile, now you can also drag and drop
    complete directories.
  • Now you can drop files directly to the screenshots/sounds/videos viewer or to
    the data viewer pane (including subdirectories).
  • Smarter method of detecting the running DOSBox instances when using the
    "Restore program window when DOSBox closes function".
  • Now you can zoom the image in the screenshot viewer and videos in the video
    previewer by pressing + or - and by moving the mouse wheel while holding
    Ctrl. By pressing * or 0 you can go back to 100% zoom. And by pressing escape
    you can close the preview dialog.
  • New options "Center ScummVM window" and "Hide ScummVM console" in program
    settings dialog.
  • When adding a drive to a profile the edit drive dialog will offer the drive
    type used the last time when added a new drive to a profile at first in the
    drive type dropdown box.
  • On the setup page for the screenshot view mode now you can define which
    screenshot number to use if no explicit screenshot is defined for a game.
  • [Fix] When using some other DOSBox installation than the one in the "DOSBox"
    subdirectory of the D-Fend Reloaded program directory as default DOSBox
    installation, D-Fend Reloaded will reset the path at each start.
  • [Fix] The game and the setup program parameters for Windows games were
  • [Fix] When switching between profiles with and without a data folders the
    data folder tab at the bottom of the main windows could have displayed some
    wrong content.
  • [Fix] Clicking the buttons for selecting or searching the DOSBox directory
    and for selecting a mapper file in the "More DOSBox settings" dialog (on
    DOSBox settings page of the program options dialog) did nothing.
  • [Fix] When creating a portable D-Fend Reloaded installation from the transfer
    profiles dialog the mediaplr.dll file was not copyed to the destination
    folder and so the D-Fend.exe in the destination folder could not start.
  • [Fix] In profile editor all four serial port pages showed data for first
    serial port.
  • [Fix] The chosen music driver in ScummVM profiles was not given to ScummVM
    when starting a profile.
  • [Fix] Until now D-Fend Reloaded tried to find the scummvm.ini file for
    reading the default theme path etc. in the ScummVM program directory instead
    of the path reported by ScummVM (usualy $APPDATA\ScummVM).
  • [Fix] When trying to display damaged images in the screenshot viewer area an
    unhandled exception could occur.
  • [Fix] Wrong colors or reduction of the number of colors when exporting
    captured screenshots.
  • [Fix] D-Fend Reloaded failed to play video files of other types than avi via
    the captured videos player.
  • [Fix] When switching between images of the same size in the screenshot
    previewer the statusbar was not updated.
  • [Fix] When creating a zip package for a ScummVM profile the ScummVM ini file
    needed to use the zip file without D-Fend Reloaded was not included to it.
  • [Fix] When dragging video files to the main window they got copied into the
    data folder instead of into the capture folder.
  • [Fix] When using the minimize to tray option and restoring the program window
    it loses the input focus right after restore.
  • [Fix] In screenshots view mode sometimes there are wrong images associated to
    wrong games in games list.
  • [Fix] The DOSBox language selected in the profile editor was not used when
    starting DOSBox.
  • [Fix] Screenshots may got displayed distorted in the screenshot preview area.
  • [Fix] Function "Restore main window when DOSBox closes" will not restore the
    D-Fend Reloaded main window if it was already minimized before DOSBox was
    started (because of using the tray area mini starter).
  • [Fix] Added missing default values in "scaler" section of the profile editor.
  • [Fix] Current selected game is deselected after closing setup dialog.
  • [Fix] The drive type names on the "Drives" page and the priority levels on
    the "DOSBox settings" page of the profile editor were not translateable. Also
    the info label on the data folder panel was not translated.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-10-20