D-Fend: Reloaded 0.5.0 has been released

D-Fend Reloaded is a graphical environment for DOSBox. D-Fend Reloaded is a successor of the discontinued D-Fend. Both environments look alike and D-Fend Reloaded contains all features of D-Fend. Even the D-Fend config files can be used.

This is a major release which brings a lot of new features and also fixes all currently know bugs. Ths changelog:

  • Danish language file (thanks to Jens Peter Jensen)
  • Traditional Chinese language file (thanks to muzuiget)
  • Zip and 7z archives can be used as drives now. Additionally D-Fend Reloaded
    can repack the changed files to the zip archive when using a PhysFS folder
    and zip file pair.
  • You can make zip packages from installed games (just like the exe installers)
    for long time archiving your games. The zip archive will contain all game
    data (prof file, game files, icon, captured images/sound/videos, additional
    data files). And of course you can import games stored in a zip package to
    D-Fend Reloaded agian. (They can be installed via the File|Import menu or
    even via drag&drop.)
  • D-Fend Reloaded has got an online help.
  • When uninstalling or transfering game or building installer packages the
    image files used as drive will be respected, too.
  • You can manage multiple DOSBox installations with individual settings via the
    setup dialog now. In the profile editor you can choose one of this predefined
    DOSBox installations or choose an custom DOSBox path.
  • Now you can also manage your Windows based games as profiles. (When starting
    a Windows based profile D-Fend Reloaded simply starts the given program file.
    The benefit of this function is you can manage all your games in one GUI.)
  • For each profile you can configurate to use another DOSBox language than the
    language defined in the DOSBox settings.
  • You can browse through the content of the profile data folders via the new
    "Data folder" tab in the screenshots viewer area.
  • D-Fend Reloaded can display captured videos like captured screenshots and
    captured sounds now.
  • The new profile list view style "Screenshots" allows to browse through the
    list of profiles by screenshots.
  • You can search for information about games via a (editable) list of web game
    search engines from the profile editor, the "Profile" menu and the context
    menu of a profile.
  • D-Fend Reloaded can store additionally to the program and the setup file
    other program files (for example a level editor) which are offered to start
    via the context menu of the profile and the profile menu.
  • Now screenshots taken by ScummVM can also be managed within D-Fend Reloaded.
  • You can specify a custom link name and a link comment in the create shortcut
    dialog now.
  • Setup dialog option to configurate D-Fend Reloaded to run in a Wine
  • The disk image creator can (optional) create plain, unformated images now.
  • The profile list can be checked for missing files and directories.
  • D-Fend Reloaded will warn you, if you try to setup a Windows exe file to run
    in DOSBox.
  • Now you can setup if the DOSBox console should stay open when an error in
    DOSBox occures.
  • You can choose to temporary disable the screensaver when DOSBox is running.
  • The list of links to old games web sites is editable now.
  • You can change the zoom level in the screenshot dialog by a new toolbar
    button now.
  • You can (optional) set a new screenshot folder and remove the data folder
    record when copying a profile.
  • You can change the font style (bold, italic, underline) for displaying the
    favorites now.
  • The view conf file option will use the default txt editor instead of always
    using notepad.
  • Some more speed improvements when working with large profile lists.
  • [Fix] The "Run setup" toolbar button was not working.
  • [Fix] Creation of 2880KB ("extended density") floppy images failed.
  • [Fix] When using long folder names inside a DOSBox drive D-Fend Reloaded may
    tryed to start files in the wrong folder because Windows and DOSBox used
    different ways of translating long to short file names.
  • [Fix] When "UseShortFolderNames" was turned off in the DFend.ini the loading
    of PhysFS drives with spaces in their file oder folder names failed.
  • [Fix] Adding a new profile if the modern profile editor is activated and
    reopen last active tab was chosen results in an access violation.
  • [Fix] The chosen ScummVM filter setting has not been saved when closing the
    profile editor.
  • [Fix] The chosen ScummVM game language was not shown correctly when reopening
    the profile editor again.
  • [Fix] When using the "Reopen last profile editor page" was used and the
    "Profile" page was the last used page the profile editor showed a wrong page
    setup of the profile page when reopening.
  • [Fix] Trying to play an invalid audio file resulted in an infinite loop of
    error dialog boxes.
  • [Fix] The size of capture viewer area was not restored when "Restore window
    size on program start" was activated.
  • [Fix] Caption of icon manager was not translated.
Posted by Alexander Herzog 2008-08-22