#24 Integation of BITS technology

Claus Rebler

BITS -- Background Intelligent Transfer Service
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

BITS was primarily designed by Microsoft® for auto-updates (e.g. Windows® Update). The advantage of BITS is that it uses free bandwidth for the downloads. Your connection won't be slowed down if BITS is downloading files in the background.
BITS is a so-called "service" which is running in the background any time your system is running. Even if you close WinBITS, your BITS-downloads will still be processed.

With WinBITS, you can use BITS for you own purposes, e.g. downloading large files from the internet.

* http://www.darvin.de/english/main.html
* http://sourceforge.net/projects/winbits/


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    Claus Rebler

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    Can you show a specification of BITS protocol? Seems like it is MS-only.

    Even if there was the specification I do not think this feature should be available in download manager. You need BITS client instead. wxDownloader can't be run in a background like a BITS service and can't be GUI for it (the links you provided). The aim of downloader is to give user control over download time, mirrors, chunks, allowable bandwidth, calculate data about when download will be complete and other stats. BITS takes this control away.

    It seems that what you really need is to add your WinBITS into http://flashgot.net/