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#20 Disable segmented download in .metalink

Ant Bryan

It seems some projects and some mirror admins are not fond of segmented downloads.

Since most metalink clients support segmented downloads, it would be nice to allow these groups to take advantage of other features but disable segmented downloads. (The upcoming metalink 3.0 spec, 2nd ed. will reflect these needs).

Segmented downloads can be disabled on a whole transfer/per metalink basis, or just disabled for a certain url by using segment="no". By default, segmented downloads will be on (aka segment="yes").

To disable for the whole transfer:

<resources segment="no">

Multiple mirrors can still be listed, but this is only for redundancy. A single URL will be used, and others will only be used to resume if that mirror becomes unavailable.

To disable for a certain mirror:

<url type="xxxx" location="xx" segment="no">

Basically this means that this URL will only be used as a last resort, if all other URLs that allow segmented downloads are down, a transfer can be resumed from this mirror.


  • Ant Bryan
    Ant Bryan

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    How about maxconnections="x" instead? By default, segmented downloads will be on,
    connections are unlimited as usual, (or limited by user settings and
    program defaults).

    <resources maxconnections="1"> would use one server at a time for the
    whole download (That is assuming it doesn't go down. If it does, switch to
    one other server that is up). No segmented downloads.

    <url type="http" maxconnections="1"> would mean one connection at a time
    to that server. "2" or "4" etc would limit connections/segments to that
    specific server.