Jim Michaels
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df for windows and dos

df - this is a command-line tool that runs under windows or dos. better than *nix clone of df (disk free): tells the disk free space, percentage of free space, total disk space, disk space used. choice of --SI or --IEC (computer) or user-specified --units.
Show as plain number of bytes with % in --verbose mode or --ascii-graph with % in case you want to paste into email or communicate with tech support, or --shaded-graph (default) using graphic characters (which only work in the dos screen or cmd shell console).
This program supports large-sector disks (not hard-coded to 512-byte sectors).

--units switch shows numbers in terms of (divides output by) the number you give. so you can get output in terms of UNIX df (512) or microsoft chkdsk size format (1:kib=1024). DOS version now supports windows 9x's int21h 7303h FAT32 disk free space call (FreeDOS & win9x uses this windows 9x as well but not FreeDOS although the windows version works as well).

There was UNC support, but it was turned off due to weirdness with numbers returned from XP Pro (code is still in there via a #define if you want to compile it back in for your company or whatever). IEC units are computer "K" using 1024 bytes per K and are based on powers of 1024, SI units are the default at 1000 bytes per K and are based on powers of 1000.


df is under the GPL3 License


see the readme file