Dev-PHP 3.00 Alpha 2 released

Dev-PHP is a full featured PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with syntax highlighting written in Pascal/Delphi.
Version 3.00 is a complete rewrite which greatly improves stability and usability and adds lots of new features to the editor.

Changes since Alpha 1d:

* Rewritten installer (it uses "Orange Modern UI Theme" by MoNKi).
* Rewritten Go to Line.
* Rewritten SaveFile.
* Added Check for Update to Help menu.
* Small changes to AnalizeOutput.
* Some improvements to DevPHPTheme.
* About box now uses pngimage.
* Bugfixes in TOnceOnly messages.
* Improved startup speed.
* Dev-PHP uses Registry to save settings if it fails to create Ini File.
* Escape key closes dialogs.
* Now tabs in PageControl are shown in multiple lines.
* Fixed AutoComplete popping up whenever "." was typed.
* Changed default PHP compiler name to "php-cgi.exe" to support PHP5.
* Upgraded Class Browser to version 2.0.7.
* Lots of internal changes and bugfixes.

Play with it as much as you want. If you find any bugs or have any comments about this release, please post them on the Development Forum ( instead of using the bug traker. This is to keep bugs in version 3.00 separate from bugs in versions 2.x.

Posted by Leonardo García 2004-08-20