Dev-PHP destroying files

  • maisteri

    Now I'm really pissed. I mean really, really pissed. For the past few weeks I have been working on a relatively large project. I have had a few different IDEs, but I haven't been fully satisfied with any of them. Since Dev-PHP seemed very handy, I decided to try it. After working for a while on my project I tried to save... and then something disastrous happened. First, I only got some error message in German (although the program is in English). Since I couldn't understand it and didn't think it was anything too serious, I just ignored it. But right after I clicked OK, one of my project files got emptied, and then SAVED. So, I ended up with one of files destroyed. (luckily?) it was only worth a few days of work.

    How can this happen? Isn't saving such a crucial feature, that it ought to be 100% bug free. Especially this kind of horrible malfunctions should never, never happen. I'm really terrified to use Dev-PHP anymore, because it might do it again, and to some much more important file.

    So please, look through the saving procedures for this bug. I'm sorry I can't offer you anything to help debugging (except the German error message).

    • Hi maisteri

      Sorry for the delayed response.
      > several days of work could have been lost : one file got emptied and then SAVED.

      Version 3 is maintained from time to time.
      However, if you can spend some time to describe this bug in order to easily reproduce it,
      then it'll be nice to post the result on the 'Bugs' forum.
      In any event, version 2 should also answer your waitings.

      Best regards,