What is shortcut of External Preview

  • suchart.ch

    I know F9 for Internal Preview.
    but I often use External Preview.

    • I checked in the source code but I couldn't find any shortcut for the External Preview. But I am only beginning to explore the code, so I'd rather wait for Pierre to confirm this.

      • Hi davitof,

        > I couldn't find any shortcut for the External Preview
        That's true ; there's no shortcut yet.

    • Hi golxp,

      > What is shortcut of External Preview ?
      As you said, F9 is the shortcut for Internal Preview.
      Actually it's *also* the shortcut to go back to Editor.

      Well, do you think <Shift>+<F9> would be a good idea ?
      (I mean, this would "shift" the preview to External)

      Best regards,

    • suchart.ch

      Hi Pierre,
      >Well, do you think <Shift>+<F9> would be a good idea ?
      I think it's a good idea. :)

      • Hi goldxp,

        Really sorry :-[
        The shortcut <Shift>+<F9> is a secondary shortcut similar to <F9>.
        <F9> means :
        - execute the current script,
        - unless the parameter "Option » General options » Web.server » Default.document" is set,
        - unless the "shift" modifier is pressed.

        In short, <Shift>+<F9> always executes the current file,
        and <F9> executes the default file if any, or by default, the current one.

        <Ctrl>+<F9> is alredy used to "save & send" (ftp or sftp) the current file.

        At the moment, I'm not able to trigger the alternate F9 <Alt>+<F9> which could have been another possibility.
        Any idea ?

    • suchart.ch

      In my opinion <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<F9> or <window>+<F9> is OK.
      And if it's possible, I would like <F9> used to both internal and
      external preview by settting at "Options dialogbox" or a toggle button.

      • I believe <Alt+> shortcuts are reserved (although only <Alt+F4> is really used), so that Delphi (Windows?) prevents you from using them. <Win+> shortcuts are system-wide shortcuts (<Win+D>, <Win+E>, <Win+F>, <Win+L>, <Win+R>, <Win+U>...) and should not be used for an application-specific shortcut IMO.