still could not find the SOURCECODE

  • Omer Yasar Can
    Omer Yasar Can


    I still could not fin the right SVN-link to download the SOURCECODEs.
    Please give me (us) the working SVN-link for the source.


  • The svn server doesn't work at the moment. Need time.
    Apart from that, why do you need the code?

  • Omer Yasar Can
    Omer Yasar Can

    Hi Pierre

    I am also programming under Delphi 7 and am curious about the code:
    how to programm a gui for php with Delphi, you know?!
    What does it take, how to programm, what components and classes you have used..

    Would love to be informed by you as soon as the svn server works.
    Maybe you could upload the most actual source to sourceforge with all the
    other downloads for DEVPHP IDE?



    Omer from the Nwetherlands

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    • Hi Omer,
      . we're working with Delphi 2009,
      . about the components we use, see menu "Help/About Dev-PHP…",
      . about the code at, first I need to store a big part of the history of Dev-PHP. This history summarizes several years of work,
      . about GUI for PHP, you could look at the Dev-PHP home page, section "( Curriculum PHP ;)" etymologically a small tour of PHP - Several projects quoted here are hosted at sourceforge.

      Maybe you could be interested by the documentation.

      Dank u.