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SVN Plugin

Tom Tanner
  • Tom Tanner
    Tom Tanner

    Is there currently a plugin for DevPHP to an SVN server? 

    I was hoping for an option to use this IDE with our version control servers ( CVS OR SVN ).

    • Urs Mäder
      Urs Mäder

      hi tom

      you should use tortoise-svn/cvs with this tools its really easy to handle version control systems with dev-php2 and other programs.

    • Thanks to Urs, this is possible.

      Tortoise is a plugin for Windows Explorer :

      Dev-PHP implements VirtualShellTools ;)
      - Menu 'View->SideBar : on',
      - Select the 'Files'-Tab from the 'SideBar'
      - Rigth-click either on the treeView, either on the listView : here come(s) the versionnning system(s).

      Great isn't it ?