Call to Translators : using gettext or not ?

  • Some days ago, an user pointed us to
    gettext is a general purpose translation tool.
    Would gettext greatly help the localization process for Dev-PHP ?

    Thanks for your opinions

    • simfe

      1.source code is plain
      for control caption or stringlist,automatically translate[do not define resource]
      for messagebox,define a resource string for which need show[using  keyword resourcing]
      2 no duplicate sentence in translation file in release version
      program developer only need publish a po file for translator

      3.po file can generate from *.pas using tools[dxgettext]
      when have a source po file,only has english items like a dictionary.
      example :
      msgid "&OK"
      msgstr ""
      for one language,translator will maintenance a corresponding dictionary
      msgid "&OK"
      msgstr "确定(&O)"
      if add a new string into program ,add it into dictionary and manuallly translate it,
      then use a tool loading dictionary and translate the source po file with the dictionary file is compiled from po file using tools[in gettext]

    • keenblade

      I think gettext is a great idea. Then we have cross platform translating support. Since I switched to gnu/linux, gettext is greatly appreciated. So I can still contribute easily.