• Jeremy Powers
    Jeremy Powers

    have u ever thought of a wysiwyg editor to help with HTML?

    • Urs Mäder
      Urs Mäder

      yes. but the problem by a php-editor with wysiwyg feature is the convert from php to wysiwyg. there is possible to implement an editor who produce php-files(wysiwyg to php). but this will be always a single way.

    • Hmm,

      Doesn't such an editor sound like a composer *and*
      - associated css+javascript, or
      - xul or xpcom, or
      - php/framework, or
      Should DevPHP embed at least one of these ?

      Do you mean that rich interfaces need rich IDE ?

      • Urs Mäder
        Urs Mäder

        it would be great if someone will implement features like css+javascript, xul or xpcom or php/framework.

        ... or a html-wysiwyg-Editor!

        we are an open source project.... :-)

        • html or not html, that is the question

          GUI (rich clients) are based
          - upon browsers and
          - upon specialized environments - dot.net, gtk, swing or swt, wxWidgets, ...

          see also http://www.ticatk.com/licence.html

          • Urs Mäder
            Urs Mäder

            really nice the ticatk.
            but what should we do with this?

    • have u ever thought of a wysiwyg editor (and its corresponding included/required engine) to help with gtk and/or wxWidgets ?