Thank you Bruce. I do have the copy saved on my windows server. Now should I change the config on the floppy on the windows box or change it on the linux box. and if I change it on the DL box how do i get to the floppy drive? When I get to the floppy drive how do i change the file and does the save config command save it to the floppy? I hate to sound so stupid but right now I am just not a linux fan ONLY because I do not know it!!! I want to love it. :-(

On 4/25/07, Bruce Smith <> wrote:

> I am new here and a novice with linux.  I have a devil linux box
> running gshield for the firewall. We are adding a new location and I
> need to add the settings to the config file on the floppy. I have
> tried to figure it out and I am at a loss. I want to keep the old
> floppy and make a new one with the new changes so I can have a backup.
> I took the floppy and copied it on my windows machine. It is a
> tar.bzip2 file.  How do I copy and make a new disk with the changes? I
> don't even know how to get to the floppy TO LOAD on the linux
> box.  :-(  PLEASE HELP! I just told my boss I needed a Watchguard box
> so I can manage it but I really do not want to do that.

The tar.bzip2 file is the entire DL config for that box.  You can simply
copy that file to another floppy under Windows, and it's backed up.  You
can copy it to as many floppies as you want, and use a copy as a
base/start config in a new DL box.

When you run 'save-config' on DL, it re-saves it's entire config to the
single tar.bzip2 file on the floppy.

- BS

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