We use MOXA USB->Serial adapter with home compile driver on dl1.4

I just use insmod during init without any problem

I want to upgrade my dl to 1.6.1 and try to compile MOXA driver

For that I install dl1.6.1 on Virtualbox and follow documentation (for v 1.4)

- Install lfssystem-for-DL-1.6/lfssystem32.1.1.tar.xz
- Make the initial check out
- Getting updates
- ./update_src

without problem.

- cr
- cd build
- install MOXA driver source on tmp
- cd mxuport
- make

and I have problem with `uname -r` version on cr env., the command report 3.2.0 and the make cannot find lib/modules/3.2.0/build . the only directory found on /lib/modules is 3.2.18 . I use ln -s to link 3.2.0 to 3.2.18 and make is working and driver is created but unusable on dl1.6.1 .

I copy driver on dl1.6.1 installed system with moxa connected

- insmod mxuport.ko
insmod: error inserting 'driver mxuportko': -1 Invalid module format

Found on Google : this problem is when modules version is different to kernel version

- modinfo mxuport.ko
vermagic: 3.2.18 SMP mod_unload modversion 686

- uname -r

Dou you have an idea to help me compile this driver for use on dl1.6.1 ?

Thanks & Regards