I try to upgrade our Devil Linux version 1.3.6 which is installed on a Compaq Flash Card  to the latest 1.4.2 version.

On 1.3.6 with boot loader Grub, and parameter “ide=nodma” it workt fine.


With version 1.4.2 I get DMA timeout error

Getting the message “had: ide_dma_sff_timer_expired: DMA status (0x21)”

Than the message “had: DMA disabled”

And then the system hangs on the message  “ide0: reset time-out, stutus=0x80”


I am not yet so familiar with Linux.

But as far as I can see it looks like Grub has not been changed. It looks like the boot parameter “ide=nodma” is not picked up any more at boot time.


Help would be appreciate.

Chris Höfgen