Yes its IPV6 that breaks it.
I disables IPV6 routing and it then works ok.


Bruce Smith wrote:
I can confirm that ntpd is broken, with the default config anyway.

I did some strace'ing and it's trying to listen on a IPv6 wildcard
address "::". 

I'm guessing it's not working because I'm not running IPv6, and I
haven't figured out if how to turn off IPv6 in ntp.conf, or if it's even
possible to turn off IPv6 in ntpd.

Anyone with some IPv6 knowledge have any ideas?  
Maybe if I activated IPv6 on eth0?  How do I do that?

For now, I guess I'll stick a 'ntpdate' in an hourly cron job to keep my
server's time correct.  But that won't help people who need to run a
real NTP server.

 - BS

Yep, after reboot, and everytime I try to start xntpd.
I found another guy on the web who was complaining that he notices the same thing when running ntp
and one of the eth interfaces was down. Mine are up but that's why I rather think it's and ntp bug

lsof output:

dhcpcd   545   root    4u  IPv4   5090       UDP *:bootpc 
dnsmasq  684 nobody    4u  IPv4   5796       UDP *:domain 
dnsmasq  684 nobody    5u  IPv4   5797       TCP *:domain (LISTEN)
dnsmasq  684 nobody    9u  IPv4   5810       UDP *:filenet-tms 
dhcpd    771   root    5u  IPv4   6329       UDP *:bootps 
sshd     901   root    3u  IPv4   7006       TCP esgaroth:ssh (LISTEN)
smbd    1243   root   18u  IPv4   8570       TCP esgaroth:microsoft-ds (LISTEN)
smbd    1243   root   19u  IPv4   8571       TCP esgaroth:netbios-ssn (LISTEN)
nmbd    1247   root    6u  IPv4   8793       UDP *:netbios-ns 
nmbd    1247   root    7u  IPv4   8794       UDP *:netbios-dgm 
nmbd    1247   root    8u  IPv4   8796       UDP esgaroth:netbios-ns 
nmbd    1247   root    9u  IPv4   8797       UDP esgaroth:netbios-dgm  

as you see no port 123. Also I see no ntp in the process list

Best regards
--- Heiko Zuerker <> wrote:

Do you get this message after you reboot the box?

What's the output of the following commands:
lsof -i tcp:123
lsof -i udp:123

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