GNU Make file in PATH

  • Aslan

    Hello. May be it was discussed there, but I still couldn't find the answer
    At the start Dev-Cpp write this message:
    ""There doesn't seem to be GNU Make file in PATH or in Dev-C++'s Bin path.
    Please make sure that you have GNU Make and adjust Bin setting or system PATH
    environment variable and that make setting in Compiler Option contains correct
    filename, otherwise you will not be able to compile anything.""
    I've downloade recent (5.0) version WITHOUT MinGW and downloaded MinGW
    separately from it's site, it contains all necessary files (c++,make etc),
    I've entered the path to MinGW/Bin in Compiler Options -> Directories, just in
    case entered full path in Compiler Options -> Programs and better added this
    path to PATH system variable (through computer's properties), still can't make
    it work
    Operating system is Windows XP SP2