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<c-cr> not working

  • Marcus Ahnve
    Marcus Ahnve

    I cannot get creation of new viki pages to work. Nothing happens when i hit <c-cr> (which is ctrl-return, right?). Links are recognized syntax wise, I have set a vikiHomePage and a vikiNameSuffix.

    Any clues?

    • Tom Link
      Tom Link

      Could you please list precisely what you're doing.

      e :foo
      set ft=viki

      The best would be to start with gvim -u NONE -U NONE
      :set nocp
      :filetype plugin indent on
      :syntax on

      Does <leader>vf work?
      What's the output of
        :let b:
        :echo maparg('<c-cr>')

      Does it work to move the cursor over the highlighted link and then to type
        :call VikiMaybeFollowLink(0,1)

      Did you change the values of

    • jdubiner

      Hi Thomas & Marcus,

      I had the same problem that Marcus had -- when using vim under cygwin.

      If I follow the installation instructions using gvim, everything works. 

      under cygwin, especially when using xterm, I think the X system is getting the keystrokes before vim is.

      when I run gvim from XP, Viki* works fine.

      • Tom Link
        Tom Link

        Yes, <c-cr> is a problem on most(?) terminals, which is why the <Leader>vf sequence was introduced later on.

        If you remove 'c' from g:vikiMapFunctionality, the <c-cr> won't be set.

        If you want a different key, something like

        noremap <buffer> <silent> <KEY> :call viki#MaybeFollowLink(0,1)<cr>

        in after/ftplubin/viki.vim should do. (Or it's still VikiMaybeFollowLink in the current release I think.)