#1089 [Doom] Red shadows in status bar font

Jaakko Keränen

The appearance of the Doom font used in the status bar is different than in the original game.

Comparison of status bars

The cause is that instead of using the original red font patches, Doomsday uses a white font that is recolored to any necessary color. However, this ignores that part of the font patches are meant to look like a drop shadow and aren't actually part of the glyphs.

One solution is to remove the shadows from libdoom version of the font and draw them separately at runtime.

Another solution would be to improve the recoloring algorithm to rely on the original red font characters and do a mapping of the red hue to different colors without touching the gray parts.

However, care must be taken to apply this recoloring only when the original font is in use. If it is replaced with custom/high-res data, the recoloring should be disabled.

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