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Delta3D 0.8.5 Released!

The latest release of Delta3D adds in new functionality and greater stability.

The 0.8.5 Release is making a commanding presence in the world of Open Source Engines. New functionality includes:

-Scaling of Transformables (uniform and non-uniform)
-Multi-Window and multi-Camera support
-Better Reference Pointer support
-More Camera controls

Application and content creation just got easier as well! ... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2005-03-31

Delta3D 0.8 Unleased!

Come and get the new Delta3D 0.8 release in Win32 and Linux flavors!

Well folks it's been a little while since you've heard from the Delta3D, but that's only because we've been working hard on this new release. Major features include:

* Lights!
* Improved physics support
* Improved character support
* Renderable proxy nodes for "invisible" drawables like cameras and lights
* Brand new class hierarchy
* Deprecation manager
* Domain random number generator using geometric bounds
* General matrix utilities
* Polar Decomposition breaks down matrices into rotation, scale , and translation
* Script class wraps triggers for Delta3D python scripts
* Many bug fixes...... read more

Posted by Chris Osborn 2005-02-05

Delta3D: External Dependency Release 0.2.1

We're happy to announce the release of the 0.2.1 External Dependency package - just in time for Christmas!

The Delta3D team has been hard at work getting the Delta3D code up-to-date with the latest underlying external dependencies. With this new Package, developers will now have access to the latest and greatest Open Source technology.

The new Package includes updates to Open Scene Graph, Open Producer, CAL3D, and GDAL.... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-12-22

Delta3D activates new web site

The Delta3D Team has been hard at work constructing a new website. The new website is professionally maintained and contains User Forums, Tutorials, Projects, and up-to-date News releases.

Users are encouraged to register on the website and participate in the forums. Any broken links or missing pages can be reported to the development team via the forums.

The SourceForge mailing lists will continue to be active, but the SourceForge Forums will be discontinued in lieu of the new forums.... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-12-04

Delta3D: Release 0.7.0

Once again, the Delta3D team is proud to announce another release of the Delta3D Open Source Engine. The new version contains some radical new changes including:

-The header and source files have been relocated to subdirectories which warrants some changes to existing applications.

-The examples have all been cleaned up and are now sporting a clean, unified look.

-Numerous bugs have been addressed.

-The data folder now contains more 3d content for use with the Examples and application prototype development.... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-12-02

Delta3D: Now with Online Tutorials!

Thanks to Ricardo, we now have a starting set of Delta3D tutorials online. These tutorials show step-by-step how to install and compile Delta3D as well as how to create your own Delta3D Application.

Thanks Ricardo!

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-11-05

Delta3D version 0.3.1

The Delta3D Team is happy to announce a new minor version release of Delta3D: The Open Source Game and Simulation Engine.

Version 0.3.1 includes some fixes to the examples, and addresses some issues with the installer. Now each Example contains a readme file which explains what the example is and how to compile and run it.

You can get the new Release from: read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-11-03

Delta3D Release 0.3.0

Delta3D Version 0.3.0 Released!

The Delta3D Open Source Engine has reached the ripe-old age of 0.3.0 and is ready for downloading.

Changes from 0.2.0 include:
-Python scripting is now supported on Linux and Windows
-Examples now use the DELTA_DATA environment variable to find the data files
-Redesigned the window fullscreen/display internals
-Redesigned the dtABC::Application config file writing/reading
-Replaced the avatar model used in the examples
-A whole host of other bug fixes... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-10-29

Delta3D Job Posting

The Delta3D team is looking to hire a Software Engineer/Programmer to help design and maintain the Delta3D Open Source Engine as well as build cutting-edge training games and simulations.

...and yes, its a paying position.

See the full job posting at:

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-10-20

Delta3D Release 0.2.0

Delta3D has just been released as version 0.2.0!

You can find it pre-compiled and ready for use at

Currently, it comes pre-compiled on Win32 but we're very close to releasing the Linux version.

Major New Features:
-Python Scripting Interface (additional download's required)
-New Audio Module
-Many small bug fixes... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-10-06

Delta3D: San Francisco Chronicle

Delta3D's in the news again - this time the San Francisco Chronicle.

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-09-07

Delta3D in the News

We've been getting lots of press coverage lately - even from the local TV station KSBW.

Ever wonder what "The Lab" looks like? Want a sneak peek to see what happens behind the scenes?

Check this out:

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-09-01

Delta3D Release 0.1.0

Just released the inaugural version of Delta3D!

It currently comes in two flavors - both for Windows XP:
-"win32bin": contains everything plus precompiled libraries
-"win32src": contains the just the source files with only the external dependencies precompiled

Remember that your PATH environment variable must point to the delta3d/ext/bin directory to pickup the external dependencies.... read more

Posted by Erik Johnson 2004-08-24