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Delivery Boy 0.9.2 Real Soon Now

I've added one minor feature, and worked on the docs a bit. I'm contemplating working on an install checking component before uploading 0.9.2 sometime in the next week...

Posted by Pete Prodoehl 2002-08-26

Delivery Boy 0.9.1

The docs have been updated, no real code changes though. Setup is explained a bit more (though still too cryptic...)

Posted by Pete Prodoehl 2002-08-07

Delivery Boy 0.9.1 Real Soon Now

The docs have been somewhat updated, though still a bit incomplete. I'll probably do some code cleaning and get Delivery Boy 0.9.1 up next week.

Posted by Pete Prodoehl 2002-08-02

Delivery Boy 0.9

Delivery Boy 0.9 is now available for download. This is the first release, docs are incomplete, but if you can figure out how to set it up, it works well.

Posted by Pete Prodoehl 2002-07-31

Delivery Boy on SourceForge

I've been cleaning up the Delivery Boy code and writing docs, I should have a release ready for download very soon.

Posted by Pete Prodoehl 2002-07-19