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DeleteBadFiles 0.5.59 Released

Minor updates

Posted by Isopogon 2003-02-28

DeleteBadFiles 0.5.58 Released

Added ability to ignore directories.

Posted by Isopogon 2003-02-27

DeleteBadFiles 0.5.56 Released

Some very minor updates

Posted by Isopogon 2003-02-18

DeleteBadFiles 0.5.54 Released

New features including stats

Posted by Isopogon 2003-02-06

DeleteBadFiles 0.5.46d Released

Documentation now included in binary and source releases. Documentation also available from

Posted by Isopogon 2003-02-03

DeleteBadFiles 0.5.46 Released

Added a number of command line options.

Posted by Isopogon 2003-02-01

New Realease

Version 0.5.44 of Binaries and Source have been uploaded.

Posted by Isopogon 2003-02-01