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#3 Windows 7 NVidia flicker and AV

Stability (2)
Paul-Jan Pauptit

For some reason, if I get a read access violation, the screen starts to flicker and then shuts off, then comes back up saying that deled has made my nvidia drivers stop working, v195.62-GF 8800. Access violation ad address 004EA017 in module deled.exe. Read of address 00000008.

I can work for a little bit, but after a few extrudes is has to just thow me some error... Try making a box, then click its sides, then inset a smaller box, then extrude them from both sides... the error should pop up.

DeleD flickers a lot, but so does the game engine Realmcrafter.
It does not crash, at least not all the time. sometimes the nv driver crashes because of lightmapping of something. And than you get indeed a hanging DeleD. I tried to find a solution of the nv driver side of this problem, but that did not help. So we all just have to deal with it untill a fix comes.

Running: Windows 7 Professional (x64)

Forum: http://www.delgine.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3993


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