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DejaVu Fonts 2.33 released

DejaVu Fonts 2.33 has been released

Highlights of this release are improved Hebrew and Armenian, emoticons, playing cards, and many other new glyphs, improvements and bug fixes.

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Posted by Ben Laenen 2011-02-27

DejaVu Fonts 2.31 released

This release sees the addition of several new glyphs, including a lot of Arabic glyphs, as well as a few bug fixes.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2010-05-28

DejaVu Fonts 2.29 release

This release includes new Math characters, punctuation and various symbols, new Abkhaz characters, as well as fixes for Arabic in Mono.

Posted by Denis Jacquerye 2009-03-08

DejaVu Fonts 2.28 released

Again some various changes this release, including some new and improved glyphs for the Latin Extended blocks, the capital ß, improved support for diacritic placement for Cyrillic in Mono, and improved support for all Georgian alphabets in Serif.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2008-12-21

DejaVu Fonts 2.27 released

Many different improvements were made in this release, including new glyphs for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic blocks. Another change is that joining the tone letters now results in the proper ligatures.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2008-09-27

DejaVu Fonts 2.26 released

In this release many new glyphs were added for Latin (including many Unicode 5.1 glyphs) and Cyrillic. Numerous fixes were done as well.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2008-07-27

DejaVu fonts 2.25 released

The DejaVu fonts 2.25 release adds Arabic, Cyrillic and Latin characters to DejaVu Sans or Serif, as well as improvements to Cyrillic, Hebrew and Latin characters already in the fonts.

Posted by Denis Jacquerye 2008-05-19

DejaVu Fonts 2.24 released

This release of DejaVu fonts includes bug fixes, new TrueType hinting instructions for many characters, and some other improvements.

Posted by Denis Jacquerye 2008-03-09

DejaVu Fonts 2.23 released

This release first of all fixes the bug with the Condensed fonts that was introduced in 2.22. New features this time include an almost complete set of mathematical alphanumeric symbols and lots of glyphs with new hinting instructions.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2008-01-20

DejaVu Fonts 2.22 released

The major internal change in this release is the file structure change for the development files. We now make use of a Makefile to generate ttfs and do other things.

Updates include addition of double struck letters, letterlike symbols, arrows and some mathematical symbols to Serif, Ogham and Yijing symbols to Sans. Hinting instructions were added to some Cyrillic letters in Sans. Also various fixes and adjustments were done to Cyrillic in Serif and other glyphs.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2007-12-09

DejaVu fonts 2.21 released

In this release, half diacritics were added to Sans, and the box drawing symbols are now also in Sans and Serif. Hinting instructions were added to Latin ligatures in Serif Bold and glyphs in N'Ko and Lao.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2007-10-28

DejaVu Fonts 2.20 released

In this release, hinting instructions were added for some glyphs in Lao and N'Ko, a few instructions were fixed. Also a few bugs in the OpenType tables and glyph shapes were fixed. Georgian glyphs were added in the oblique fonts as well.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2007-09-16

DejaVu Fonts 2.19 released

This release has a few fixes and improvements in the OpenType features of the fonts: some new anchors were added for diacritic placement, some new contextual substitutions for dotless and case substitutions, and more.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2007-08-05

DejaVu fonts 2.18 released

Major changes in this release includes the addition of Georgian into all styles, and N'Ko and Tifinagh to Sans. Serif (Bold) Oblique was renamed Serif (Bold) Italic to reflect the italic style. Improvements were made in Hebrew and Lao. Also new are the double-struck letters to Sans. Smaller fixes were done in various other glyphs and in hinting instructions.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2007-07-01

DejaVu fonts 2.17 released

A few fixes for Arabic were made; some sub- and superscript letters and numbers were added to Mono; an alternate æ ligature for Serif Oblique was added.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2007-05-13

DejaVu Fonts 2.16 release

This release adds support for Arabic in Mono, added Math and Technical Symbols, added Lao glyphs, added Hebrew glyphs. Kern pairs are now in kern classes in the source files. Many glyphs have been improved or adjusted.

Posted by Denis Jacquerye 2007-04-01

DejaVu Fonts 2.15 released

This release marks improved support for Canadian Aboriginal syllabics in Sans, improved hinting of Sans Oblique and improved handling of combining diacritics in Mono Book (i.e. without the trailing space), and a few issues with some glyph contours were fixed.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2007-02-18

DejaVu fonts 2.14 released

This release adds new Unicode 5.0 adjustments and characters, new Lao characters, new Latin characters (mostly precomposed glyphs to Mono), new Symbols, some glyph improvements and fixes some bugs.

Posted by Denis Jacquerye 2007-01-21

DejaVu Fonts 2.13 released

A lot of bugfixes were done during this release, including improvements in Cyrillic and Latin glyph shapes, and numerous issues MS Font Validator pointed out. New glyphs include a few Latin letter, arrow symbols and some Canadian syllabics.

Also some issues were fixed to make the fonts work nicely with the latest FontConfig-2.4.2.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2006-12-17

DejaVu Fonts 2.12 released

This release includes improvements in hinting and glyph outlines for Greek (in Mono), Cyrillic and Armenian (in Sans). A few improvements were made for some mathematical operators.

We now have initial support for Canadian Syllabics (not in LGC version)

A few bugs have been fixed.

Ligatures in Sans are now re-enabled, which means that Firefox users that have Pango enabled will likely encounter the ligature bug again (see\). You can work around this bug by defining MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 before launching Firefox, but it is suggested you bug the Mozilla people so they will finally fix this.... read more

Posted by Ben Laenen 2006-11-19

DejaVu fonts 2.11 released

In this release, Hebrew glyphs got hinting instructions in Sans Book, many Cyrillic glyphs were modified and improved, and got hinting instructions.

The minimum version of FontForge required for editing and generating the fonts is now 20061014.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2006-10-22

DejaVu fonts 2.9 released

Almost 300 new glyphs were added this release. Notable additions are arrows in Mono and Hebrew in Sans (Hebrew isn't included in the LGC version). Cyrillic in Sans has been furter improved.

This release also marks the switch to Unicode 5.0, which means that some glyphs of the updated standard found it's way into DejaVu. Please update your Unicode data files if you are regenerating the status files yourself.... read more

Posted by Ben Laenen 2006-08-13

DejaVu fonts 2.8 released

New glyphs were added this release, including many Dingbats in Mono Sans. Improvements are made in the hinting instructions, and Greek is hinted in Sans Bold now. Some bugs are fixed.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2006-07-16

DejaVu fonts 2.7 released

Many glyphs were added in this release, including Kurdish characters in Arabic Script, characters for Yoruba, Maori, Guarani and Twi, Mathematical characters, etc. A lot of glyphs were improved.

Posted by Denis Jacquerye 2006-06-18

DejaVu fonts 2.6 released

Almost 400 new glyphs were added in this release, including mathematical operators, braille patterns and glyphs in IPA extended. A lot of glyphs were hinted and improved.

Posted by Ben Laenen 2006-05-14