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deFE22001 Version 1.0b Released

Number of Windows versions supported increased.
Debug logging added for troubleshooting purposes.
Minor improvements of key detection and file decryption processes.

Posted by Bob Grigoryan's Team 2009-01-26

deFE22001 Version 1.0a (Test) Released

This is a initial test release of deFE22001 (FE22001 decryptor).
It should be able to decrypt all the encrypted files if registry entry of the virus is present.
Make sure you have enough disk space for decrypted files before running.

For all the questions and problems visit our forums.

Posted by Bob Grigoryan's Team 2009-01-20

FCDInfo released

Recently we released the first version of FCDInfo utility. That is not a decryption tool but a diagnostics utility. If you have trouble running decryption tool - use this utility and post the problem and the output of FCDInfo to our forums - and we'll try to help you.

The actual decryption utility will be released in a few days - so stay tuned.

And read our FAQ meanwhile:

Posted by Bob Grigoryan's Team 2009-01-19