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Decompiler version 0.2.3 released

Warnings and errors occurring during decompilation are presented in the Diagnostics window. Clicking on a diagnostic takes you to the offending address in memory.

Posted by John Källén 2010-05-19

Decompiler version 0.2.2 released

Much improved register parameter handling. In particular, elminated false positives on registers that were thought to emerge from procedures that can be proved to be terminating.

Posted by John Källén 2010-05-17

Decompiler version 0.2.1

Contains some bugfixes and minor user interface improvements. Keep sending those bug reports!

Posted by John Källén 2010-05-10

User guide posted on the wiki

Posted by John Källén 2010-04-29

Decompiler version 0.2.0

This new version has a revamped MDI user interface which is less limiting when you wish to view several output windows at once. It also provides improved support for certain x86 floating point instructions.

Posted by John Källén 2010-04-24