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I've just been learning a lot of C++ lately, so not much is coming out.

Posted by Dylan 2007-07-05

News as of 6/23

I'm all out of ideas. The idea vault ran dry.

In other news, I've been working on some C++, more as practice, but a set of structures and functions to make up a character. I'm also trying to pound pointers into my head.

Posted by Dylan 2007-06-24


I'm back from vacation so I'll start regularly updating again.

Posted by Dylan 2007-06-05


Added lots of things/improvements. Also a logo.

Posted by Dylan 2007-05-28

v1.2 DcCheck

New version out. Check release notes for more.

Posted by Dylan 2007-05-26

DCCheck update

Fixed a problem, and I added the Logged roller, which replaces the old dice roller.

Posted by Dylan 2007-05-22

1st Release

1st release out today (5/10/07).

Posted by Dylan 2007-05-10