not refreshing dyndns-static IP,max-interval?

  • steve gorecki
    steve gorecki

    Ok, searching these forums, I've seen the odd mention of max-interval, and a reference that it was set to 15 days. My ddclient was running from May 22 to June 12, and never refreshed my static IP at dyndns during this period, certainly not after 15 days.

    Question is, what is the current default max-interval? If it is different than 15 days, like 25 (I've seen one reference to this), then it makes sense that my update would have come later. However, I find the docs don't really spell this out clearly.

    I'm running ddclient as daemon on Ubuntu 8.04 server, and when a fresh start of daemon is done, it does tend to update once. My IP address is static, assigned to me directly, but to use dyndns names, I need to refresh before 30 days esle dyndns expires the names.

    Finally, to set max-interval, is it a simple entry into /etc/ddclient.conf like "max-interval=29" ?? Or, does it have to go into the ddclient script under /etc/init.d ?


    • wimpunk

      The latest version of ddclient has a default max-interval set to 25days.  You can change it by using max-interval=29d in your ddclient.conf.